Empowering digitalisation in agro supply chains

The Fresh Upstream foundation works on one uniform, digital language in the international agro supply chain. From farm to fork: the aim is an agrifood supply chain in which trading partners, government and consumers exchange information in a similar way with understandable and accessible information standards.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly digital in order to meet the high demands of consumers, trading partners and governments for reliable product information. In addition, innovations follow each other at a rapid pace to produce food more efficiently, sustainably and safely. That is why agri-food companies need better (online) information flows.

Universal information standards

Fresh Upstream stimulates and facilitates companies to use information standards, from a single data source. In this approach along the whole supply chain we closely cooperate with GS1 Netherlands.

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Digital data streams in agro supply chains


Fresh Upstream is an initiative of FNLI, GroentenFruit Huis, Frug I Com, CBL, LTO Netherlands and GS1 Netherlands.

Fresh and Upstream

By “fresh” we mean agricultural products that end up directly with the consumer without processing (although these products can be cut, mixed and packed). Throughout the supply chain we need to share more and more information about these products - from farm to fork. Standardization of information is often still driven by the 'last meter' (retail), but farmers and growers also need more data. In order to share this efficiently and effectively, information standardization from the source is necessary: upstream in the supply chain.


The executive committee of the foundation Fresh Upstream:

  • Harrij Schmeitz, (independent chairman)
  • Mirjam Karmiggelt - CEO, GS1 Netherlands
  • Bram Broeks - CCO, GS1 Netherlands


A small and flexible team, based at GS1 Democenter Geldermalsen (The Netherlands), runs the foundation.

  • Tom Quets - GS1 sectorlead Agriculture
  • Jasper Willemstein – GS1 accountmanager Agri
  • Bart van de Beek - vertical lead fruit
  • Han Swinkels - vertical lead meat

GS1 Demo Center, Fruit Tech Campus, Oudenhof 40, 4191 NW Geldermalsen