Towards an efficient, innovative and sustainable agro supply chain

Farmers, growers, and their suppliers, processors, transporters and retailers: it’s important that every company in the supply chain records information using the same standards.

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Information standards in agro supply chains

These are the five GS1 key fields that together form the data diamonds in agrifood:
  • GLN (Global Location Number): location, for example company, field, greenhouse, sorting and packing centre, distribution centre.
  • GPC (Global Product Classification): product group, linked with a number of building blocks. For example: ‘Segment: Foods | Family: Vegetables, unprocessed | Class: Tomatoes | Brick name: Round Cherry tomatoes | Brick code: 10006165 | Attributes, such as country of origin, quality or colour’.
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number): article code to uniquely identify a product, often in the form of a barcode.
  • Batch / Lot (ID): identification number of the crop or animal. Think about a group of animals that goes to the abattoir.
  • SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code): unique shipping code with which you follow a logistics unit all through the chain.
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Global traceability standards: GLN

To trace products quickly, it is essential to register the identification of producers and suppliers unequivocally worldwide. More and more trading partners, certifying bodies, quality assurance agencies and public authorities want to know who in the chain is responsible for what, or what particular process is taking place at which location (think about field, greenhouse, packaging station, distribution centre or loading platform).

A GLN is a unique identifier of 13 digits, which is used for a company or physical location within the supply chain. The name, address details and the type of chain partner are linked to this number, which corresponds to exactly one precise location in the world. Companies that use GLN as a standard communicate more efficiently with each other and add value to the entire chain in this way.

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A GLN is composed of 13 digits and usually consists of:


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Getting started with the Fresh Upstream quickscan

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