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Fresh Upstream Foundation

Zoetermeer, 25 April 2018 - Today, the official deed of the Fresh Upstream foundation was passed. The cooperation platform between GroentenFruithuis, Frugicom, FNLI, CBL, LTO Netherlands and GS1 Netherlands is now a fact.

The Fresh Upstream Foundation aims to strengthen the use and development of information standards in the fresh food chain. The platform uses international standards from both retail and government in an integrated approach.

By passing the deed of incorporation, the board has also been appointed, consisting of mr. Ph. Den Ouden (independent chairman), mr. J. Tracey (GS1 Netherlands), mr. P. Maarleveld (GS1 Netherlands), mr. M. Boerstra (FNLI), mr. M. Jansen (CBL), mr. M. van Dee (LTO Netherlands), mr. R. Schouten (GroentenFruit Huis), mr. B. Urlings (VION Food Group) and mr. K. de Kat (Royal Fruitmasters).

The board has appointed Mr. H. Schmeitz as program manager. H. Schmeitz: "Coming to one DIGITAL in the fresh chain, from fruit to fish, is a movement; not a project but a series of activities in which working on the awareness of necessity is the biggest challenge in the short term ".

Fresh Upstream came about thanks to a financial boost from GS1 Netherlands.
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Fresh Upstream Foundation launched READ MORE

Fresh Upstream Foundation launched

Dutch fresh food chains are starting cooperation to optimize data exchange in the chain. With the establishment of the Fresh Upstream platform, GroentenFruit Huis, FNLI (Federation of Dutch Food Industry), LTO Netherlands (Netherlands Organization for Agriculture and Horticulture Netherlands) and GS1 Netherlands are starting intensive cooperation to optimize the provision of information in the fresh food chains. for the Food Trade) has been invited to join.