Data management optimization in the fresh supply chain

Fresh Upstream Foundation

The Fresh Upstream Foundation is a collaboration platform of the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), Fresh Produce Centre, Frug I Com, the Dutch Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation (LTO Nederland), the Dutch Food Retail Association (CBL) and GS1 Netherlands.

The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the use and development of information standards in the fresh chain. The platform uses international standards from both retail and government in an integrated approach.

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Bert Urlings (Vion): "Standardization may not be a sexy subject, but it is also a moral duty to our consumers"


“Compared to twenty years ago, consumers want more insight into the origin of their food. They even demand this kind of transparency. Moreover, this information must be available à la minute. Reason for me to become a member of the core board of Fresh Upstream, an initiative that revolves around stimulating and supporting data exchange within the international fresh chain,”  says Bert Urlings, Corporate Director Quality Assurance of the Vion Food Group. 



Fresh Upstream stimulates use GS1 standards in Fresh Chain
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Fresh Upstream stimulates use GS1 standards in Fresh Chain

Several fresh food chains in the Netherlands are working together to improve information exchange and thus contribute to, among other things, better food safety. Chairman Philip den Ouden of the new Fresh Upstream foundation: "We want to broaden support for existing information standards."

In the fresh chains, standards are already being used to exchange information between the links. These are often the standards of GS1 Netherlands. "But these are mainly applied in the last part of the chain. That is the part of the food producers and processors to the retailers. Further upstream in the chain these standards are not or barely used, "says Philip den Ouden, chairman of the Fresh Upstream Foundation.

Fresh Upstream wants to change that. "There are several reasons why it is necessary to improve the provision of information throughout the entire chain. Consider food safety or the safe use of crop protection products in arable and horticulture and antibiotics in the meat industry. That is why we want to create a wider basis within the entire chain for the use of the existing GS1 standards, "explains Den Ouden, who emphasizes that Fresh Upstream will not develop or manage new standards. "GS1 does just fine."

Create broad support
Fresh Upstream creates broader support by bringing parties together. Various branch organizations support the foundation such as the GroentenFruit Huis, the Federation of Dutch Food Industry (FNLI) and the Netherlands Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (LTO Nederland). Discussions are also taking place with the Central Bureau for Food Trade (CBL). "Frug I Com already plays a similar role in the fruit and vegetable chain. With the experience of Frug I Com - we want to broaden that to all fresh food chains, including the meat industry. That is why we are pleased that a company like Vion is also actively participating ", says Den Ouden.

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Philip den Ouden, chairman Fresh Upstream: "There are many useful information standards in the supply chain, but their use is very fragmented. Together with stakeholders from the fresh supply chains, we tackle the fragmentation and accelerate the broad application of standards in order to efficiently and effectively meet the demand for data across the entire product chain. We are very pleased with the support of many stakeholders and in particular the cooperation with GS1 Netherlands. "