Data management optimization in the fresh supply chain

Fresh Upstream Foundation

The Fresh Upstream Foundation is a collaboration platform of the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), Fresh Produce Centre, Frug I Com, the Dutch Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation (LTO Nederland), the Dutch Food Retail Association (CBL) and GS1 Netherlands.

The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the use and development of information standards in the fresh chain. The platform uses international standards from both retail and government in an integrated approach.

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Kringlooplandbouw of biodiversiteit aanjagen? Meten en weten in de keten!

Thijs Cuijpers, directeur beleid van LTO Nederland en bestuurslid stichting Fresh Upstream

Om de agrifoodketen verder te verduurzamen is het digitaal delen van data noodzakelijk. Willen we minder uitstoot, meer biodiversiteit en meer gesloten kringlopen? Dan moeten we meten en weten in de keten: over wie, wat, waar en hoeveel praten we? Met eenduidige informatiestandaarden worden data inzichtelijk en kunnen efficiënte technologieën in agrifood worden toegepast. Zonder uitwisselbare informatie is de innovatieve boer of tuinder nergens. De stichting Fresh Upstream werkt aan één uniforme, digitale ketentaal in de internationale versketen. 



Fresh Upstream Foundation launched
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Fresh Upstream Foundation launched

Dutch fresh food chains are starting cooperation to optimize data exchange in the chain. With the establishment of the Fresh Upstream platform, GroentenFruit Huis, FNLI (Federation of Dutch Food Industry), LTO Netherlands (Netherlands Organization for Agriculture and Horticulture Netherlands) and GS1 Netherlands are starting intensive cooperation to optimize the provision of information in the fresh food chains. for the Food Trade) has been invited to join.

The report "Voyage through the Chain" draws an important conclusion: "There is a momentum to take concrete steps to improve the information provision about food products to the consumer." This has led to intensive consultation of parties in the (cooling) fresh food chains. to investigate how these steps can be made concrete.

The first result is the creation of Fresh Upstream as a platform: an initiating organization, to strengthen the use and development of information standards in fresh-ground supply chains. Without widely accepted information standards - the common "language" in which information is organized - efficient information exchange is hardly possible and the use of new information technology is useless. The platform will therefore use existing international standards. Especially the standards managed by the international network of GS1 for an integral, international approach. This is already common practice in the Fruit & Vegetables chain in the AGF Chain Information Platform, Frug I Com.

Fresh Upstream concentrates on (fresh) fresh food chains, especially on the links in the chain prior to processing, the store or the food service: fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, eggs etc. Within these domains Fresh Upstream focuses on standardization of information and the efficient exchange of information between chain partners.

Fresh Upstream always thinks and works from the perspective of the entire chain. Awareness of the necessity in the chain to make information standards widely useful and increasing knowledge about this will be stimulated by concrete projects where important players in the chain will act as triggers. The data from the so-called input industry, suppliers of raw materials for farmers and market gardeners, is explicitly part of the approach.
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Philip den Ouden, chairman Fresh Upstream: "There are many useful information standards in the supply chain, but their use is very fragmented. Together with stakeholders from the fresh supply chains, we tackle the fragmentation and accelerate the broad application of standards in order to efficiently and effectively meet the demand for data across the entire product chain. We are very pleased with the support of many stakeholders and in particular the cooperation with GS1 Netherlands. "